Carla loves photography as an art form. Carla is a semi-professional freelance digital photographer and writer whose work has been featured in publications locally as well as regionally and nationally.

Carla began taking photos as a child, and then put down her camera for many years. When she became a community activist as an adult she picked up the camera again and hasn’t put it down since!

Carla loves the magic of ordinary days and will photograph people, animals, inanimate objects – in that category, old houses and barns are her favorite!

Carla also seconds with other professional photographers.

What Carla isn’t is a wedding photographer. She can do small to mid sized events, but weddings are an art form unto themselves.

Contact Carla for things like an informal family portrait; photos of the kids/pets for friends and loved ones (and the annual holiday card!), photos of your home either for personal use or as a realtor for a listing, flyers, brochures; small non-profits needing photos of their historic sites or event days.

Carla is well known blogger/local writer and you can find her most often these days on ChesterCountyRamblings (  and her ihavebreastcancerblog ( Carla is also a proven whiz with publicity and media placement.

Samples of photography available upon request. Reasonable rates for all services. Custom art pieces available and can be also created — prices vary.

  •  Photography:      50% of quoted rate due five business before shooting or entering into a new project. 50% of quoted rate due on day of services for photography.
  • Publicity/Community Activism/Media Placement services: deposit required, then monthly billing (net 15).

If you are just needing a photo or two visit Carla’s Flickr page ( and pick them out!

Carla will bill you via PayPal and when funds have cleared she will e-mail you JPGs. Prices vary.

No exceptions. All sales final. Availability by prior appointment only for onsite photography gigs.